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What Will it be Like to Multitask to Reach Truth?

What will it be like to multitask in a transhuman world? Will we find truth within information faster and easier?

I currently work on a computer that uses Ubuntu as the operating system, Gnome Fallback as the desktop, and Compiz as the “Window Manager”. I also have a graphics card that supports two monitors. With Compiz activated that means I get 8 desktops (or more if I wanted) to multitask. While I chat with people, have conversations, or arguments, the multi monitor, multi desktop setup allows me to switch back and forth from any website I want, especially the all-powerful Google, to find organized information on the flash.

While this is not a “brain-to-computer-interface” it is an example of what I would call “nearly information overload.” But, it is not information overload for it is very manageable. With two screens and organized information one can find almost any data they are looking for. The organized data spread along 8 desktops allows one to read, edit, and come to sound conclusions.

With all this Open-Source software there is the added plus of the free Oracle VM Virtualbox which allows me to have Windowz on another screen in case I need it for Adobe photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, or publisher (which all files created in each can be edited, minus publisher in Ubuntu).

With information so accessible it is hard to lose an argument. It’s also showing me what it might be like for brain-to-computer-interfaces that will allow future minds to Wifi any information on the fly. Most of my friends use websites like wikipedia if they need information instantly on their Smart Phones, nothing new, well nothing new if you consider the past 5 years as nothing new.

So while I work on my two 23 inch monitors, with 8 desktops I get a feel that it is something more powerful than the Smart Phone. I can, for example, compare conservapedia.com and gop.com to wikipedia, facebook, urbandictionary.com, peer review journals, and books in seconds.

Brain-to-computer-interfaces in a transhuman world will allow the same thing I assume. It is then up to several things to take place. Peer review journals must become free, and books online should also become free.

If a book like The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values by Sam Harris, all the works of Marx, and Chomsky, etc are available to the future mind (Where Marx and Chomsky is pretty much already online), organized multitasking should lead the critical thinking brain/mind to the “right”, “correct”, semi-paradigmatic answer.

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